Oktober 2022


Public spaces in cities are highly frequented places of exchange, culture, commerce and leisure that need to be accessible, inclusive, and safe. Their density and the diversity of uses and users give rise to a number of challenges, from terrorism and crime to natural disasters and large crowd gatherings. Ensuring that public spaces retain their open and inviting character is a complex task – one that largely needs to be addressed at the local level. Local and regional authorities are ideally positioned to co-produce safe public spaces with a wide range of local stakeholders from the public and private sectors (urban planners, first responders, mobility services, local businesses etc.), but they require the right skills and tools to do so effectively. This Focus Session explores how the Secu4All project can provide these skills and tools.

Die Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen des DPT-TV des 27. Deutschen Präventionstages statt und wird auf englisch und deutsch zu hören sein. Eine Anmeldung zum 27. DPT ist über folgenden Link möglich: