September 2021

Cutting Crime Impact (CCI)

Effective community engagement is critical to neighbourhood policing: it provides scope for officers and staff to establish collaborative relationships with citizens and partners, gain knowledge of a local area and address its security issues. Officers and staff often work within the same neighbourhood for several years. During this time, they build key connections in their community and acquire unique knowledge of the local area, its residents, its issues and dynamics. When neighbourhood officers and staff move to another post and leave their local area, this unique resource of knowledge and relationships leaves with them. At frontline level, turnover can compromise local knowledge and jeopardise trust relationships with citizens and partners.

Following an overview of neighbourhood policing within the wider UK context, this webinar will focus on the experience of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), one of the police organisations involved in the EU-funded Cutting Crime Impact (CCI).

As part of the CCI, GMP has worked on researching and developing an evidence-based Tool in neighbourhood policing, by adopting a human-centred design approach. This webinar will discuss the research carried out by GMP and it will present the "Community Connect" Tool, a handover protocol specifically designed for neighbourhood policing roles.

The webinar will also share insights gained through the CCI experience into the challenges police forces face in ensuring continuity of community engagement and maintaining long-term commitment to neighbourhood policing.

Referentinnen: Dr Roberta Signori (Greater Manchester Police) & Dr Megan O’Neill (University of Dundee)

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